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Whole Slide Analysis for the Cloud Age

For business of any size, we make it possible to store, share and analyze vast amounts of imaging data using just a web browser, while running massive computations on powerful Enterprise or Cloud servers. With our web applications you don't have to buy, install and maintain expensive hardware. Instead, you can pick application from the App Store and start processing your digital slides in minutes from any computer or Tablet.

Start for free, upgrade when you are ready and only pay for what you use. 

App Store

It is easy to add Web Applications to your Simagis Live Workspace from the App Store. Open App Store(1) from your Workspace, find Application that you need and click "Install". Application will be added to your Workspace and available to use right away.  We keep adding Apps to the Store, so check-in frequently.

Don't see your App? Our custom development team can create custom image analysis application just for your images and deploy it to your Workspace, often within a day.Contact us for details

(1) Commercial use of applications is subject to licensing. On private servers App Store Applications are available by agreement.

Visual Templates

Each Application from the App Store comes with set of preconfigured templates for common image analysis. Simply click on example that looks familiar and analysis settings will be applied to your image. You can see results instantly in Analysis Preview Window.

Interactive Settings

You can modify settings for any template and save them as your own. The adjustment process is visual and interactive. Just pick the preview area on your slide, move sliders and see results changing in Preview Window. Once you are happy with results, save the settings as new template for all users in your workspace.

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Need Custom Analysis?

If you need custom image analysis application for your digital slides our application development team can help. We use our extensive image analysis libraries and scientific expertise to package and deploy custom application for you, often in a matter of days.

To start the process simply upload images to your web workspace, add markers and annotations explaining the analysis, and send us a link to support[at] along with a problem statement. Our experts will review the image and give you development estimate. Once application is ready, it will be added to your web workspace on server so you can apply and test it on your images. You only pay if you if it works. 

Got Algorithms?

If you are a developer and have great image analysis application that you want the whole world to use, we can make it happen. We can run your Java, C++, or Python application code, "webinaze" the interface with our API and deliver your web application to all our users around the world via App Store. Contact us to discuss opportunities.