Automated Image Analysis

If you have a commercial account you can run automated analysis on your multi-layered XFOV images using SIMAGIS Live technology. SIMAGIS Live server can analyze multiple data overlays, tag target objects and makes results available for download via Project Manager.

Simagis Live allows you to analyze uploaded images of any size using a variety of use-specific algorithms. Algorithm sets have been designed to automatically process images of specific types (e.g. particles, edge roughness, grains, etc.).

After an image is uploaded, a pre-defined algorithm set and settings can be selected which is designed for the specific image type and/or image content, and the image can be processed with just one mouse click. If the default algorithm settings do not produce the desired results, the user can adjust the algorithm settings themselves, to get the exact information needed. A report with measurements is automatically attached to the processed image.

 Watch Automated Pathogen Analysis video (4 min)