Technology Use Cases

Simagis Live's server-based image analysis is a game-changing technology that makes new applications and business processes possible. See how Simagis Live improves work and opens new opportunities for organizations.


Enterprise Metrology

"Iron Grip" is a China-based steel manufacturer. The company is relentlessly transforming itself from domestic low grade consumer steel foundry to international world-class business empire, producing the highest quality industrial steel products. "Iron Grip" recently acquired steel plants in U.S., Europe and Australia and strives to maintain the same quality control across all plants. They use microscopy and image metrology to test every batch of steel across all plants for composition, grain size and inclusions according to ASTM standards. Metallurgical consultants from Germany and the U.K. are retained to address any quality issues and drive continuous improvement.

"Iron Grip" uses Simagis Live Image Analysis Server, deployed in corporate data centers to deliver enterprise-wide steel quality control solution. Plant QC labs use Leica DM6000 M automated microscope to scan steel samples from each steel batch across all production lines. ISimagis Live's itegrated Upload Utility streams the images to Simagis Live Server in real-time through the corporate Intranet. The server automatically analyses each image on arrival with automated steel analysis applications and saves analysis results to a central measurement database that feeds web-based process dashboard, accessible to plant labs, corporate R&D and outside consultants.

Everyone can monitor steel quality across the enterprise in real-time. If measurements go outside established specs, the message notification is sent to appropriate contacts with links to actual images and results.