Technology Use Cases

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Giga Image Analysis

"Massive Semiconductors" is a global semiconductor powerhouse whose R&D division is currently working on the next-generation of microchips featuring 22 nanometer technology. The 22 nm feature size is so small that lithographic imprint process is impossible without modifying feature shapes. To modify shapes, elaborate Optical Proximity Correction models (OPC) that make patterns printable is used. OPC models are empirical and not always produce desirable print shapes, so R&D engineers must validate actual print patterns against target design. Automated Scanning Electron Microscopes (CDSEM) are traditionally used for this job. But with features so small, imaging requires magnification of 150,000X and an imaging area of just 1 square millimeter will produce a mosaic of about 1 million images, totaling over 250 Gigabytes. This Giga Image has to be analyzed, and shapes of printed features compared against the intended design.

"Massive Semiconductors" is using ChipInsight application on Simagis Live server to stitch mosaic together, extract printed patterns and compare it against the target design. Since company policies prohibit sending sensitive imaging information across the internet, "Massive Semiconductors" deploys application on internal computing clusters.
As microscope scans the chip and saves images in the network folder, ChipInsight application stitches images together, recognizes features and extracts printed patterns as soon as images are available.

The application automatically compares feature shapes against intended design and finds "hot spots" where deviations from design are great enough to cause loss of circuit function. Upon completion, the application creates file with actual shapes that engineers can compare against the original design file, and make design corrections that will make pattern printable. ChipInsight also marks critical "hotspots" on the stitched image with Live Markers so both R&D Engineers in U.S. and production team in Taiwan can review problem areas instantly via Web Viewer through a corporate Intranet. "Massive Semiconductors's" R&D team is on track to meet aggressive production targets and "market profitability window" for the next generation of nanoelectronics.