Using images from de-processed die, ChipReverse finds all of the feature contours for one or more layers, for even the most advanced technology, and immediately outputs them in a format that is useful for design teams.

Product Features:

  • Contour extraction from single CD-SEM images
  • Contour extraction from a batch of CD-SEM images
  • XFOV image creation from a matrix of side-by-side CD-SEM images
  • XFOV image contour extraction
  • Standard and custom algorithms
  • On-line image editing

Expertise and Capabilities

  • Circuit design and reverse engineering experts, a bidirectional workflow, and a state of the art lab for quick results.
  • Highly precise layer recognition supports all CD-SEM image formats.
  • With our partners, ongoing R&D in delayering, and imaging de-layered devices, at even the smallest geometries.
  • Analysis can be accessed securely anywhere, any time, around the world. Projects can be started quickly and easily with cloud computing.


Analyze Competitive Devices

Reduce design cost, get to market faster, make better decisions. Lower the risk of product launches by reducing design errors and re-spins. Build better products by benchmarking competitors' products.

Track the Competition

Reduce risk by understanding the competitive products at the device level. Get to market faster by focusing R&D for your company's best differentiation potential.Online reporting allows almost instant access to SEMs of devices and die, allows investigation of layouts, and rapid assessment of competitors' products. Discover the process node, get the die size, and estimate the cost.

Determine how competitors' chip real estate is assigned:

  • Memory
  • Key blocks
  • Type of ADC
  • Number, type and size of I/Os


    Image Processing:


  • Single CD-SEM image/s
  • Matrices of CD-SEM images
  • Industry-Standard edge detection algorithms
  • Custom algorithms available
  • Contours in GDSII format