Just upload an image and get more accurate GDSII contours in seconds.  Our solution is that easy because you don't have to struggle with finding design data. Plus, our 2D contour application delivers better GDSII contours from images of masks or wafers, with our own, in-house algorithms.  And SIMAGIS does it all on-line, so it's fast, easy and accessible. 

Do you need contours to be detected right where your eye sees the edge?  With our improved algorithms you can accomplish this. We have industry-standard edge detection algorithms like Maximum Derivative and Sigmoidal, plus our own, improved algorithms for even better edge detection, so we can provide better edges than even your most-advanced SEM.

No design clip is required, so you just upload the image and start the analysis. The GDSII file is created and saved and you can download it immediately.
So, if you're struggling with OPC model calibration or validation because your models are poor, or you just need a faster or better way to get 2D wafer print contours, one that doesn't require opening, locating, clipping, saving or importing a design clip, SIMAGIS Live's contour application is available now.   

With nothing to download, no license to wait for, and no design clip required, SIMAGIS Live is the most available and easiest tool to use to generate GDSII contours from your images.  With better algorithms you get more accurate contours, and since it's all on-line, it is also the fastest way to get the contour information you need right now and share it with others. Simagis Live Contour application is simply better, faster, easier, and more accessible than any other solution. 

Try it now.  Register for access, then watch the video.


All CD-SEM manufacturers are supported

  • TIFF images (best accuracy)
  • JPEG images

Image Analysis:

  • Industry Standard Edge Detection Algorithms (Maximum Derivative, Sigmoidal)
  • Polylinear, an algorithm developed to find the contour where your eye sees it
  • Custom algorithms on request


  • GDSII file/s

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Use the Simagis Live Web Application at no charge for non-commercial purposes. See details and sign up