Image Upload

Simagis LiveTM technology makes it easy to upload and share single images and image mosaic arrays of any size(1)

Registered users can download Image Upload Utility to operate behind the scenes, streaming images from the user desktop to the Simagis Live Server.

Supported Upload Types

Simagis Live Server can upload and analyze(2) multiple layers of images and image arrays including:

  • TIFF image of any size- upload single TIFF image including multi-page and  BigTiff images,  8 and 16 bits are supported.  Note: Simagis Live server will recognize different pages as different layers.
  • TIFF image folders- upload entire folders containing individual TIFF images or mosaic tiles for stitching on server.
  • Surveyor Workspace - upload multi-channel image tile arrays from Surveyor image acquisition and stitching software by Objective Imaging Inc., with an available custom version of Upload Utility.
  • Amazon S3 Bucket - expand your storage with unlimited reliable cloud storage through Amazon Web Services(2). Your Simagis Live Workspace will automatically detect and publish imaging data from the Amazon S3Bucket.

Simagis Live continues to expand upload options, and can support custom formats on request.

(1)Image size is limited by user space on Simagis LiveTM Server. 

(2)Available for Commercial Accounts