Integrated Image Analysis Systems

Major Components

  • 'User-Friendly' Interface (a.k.a. Comprehensible given sufficient time)
  • Scanning Stage
  • Tiling Fields
  • Automated Sequential Sampling
  • Focus Control
  • Auto-focus
  • Multi-Level Digitization
  • Multiple Integrated Cameras

Imaging Trends

'What is an eyepiece?'

  • Observation through the eyepiece is diminishing with the advent of cheaper and cheaper camera/monitor imaging systems.
  • Easier to observe with others
  • Easier on the eyes, less eye strain
  • Field of view is less
  • Simple measurements
  •  possible and easier
  • Multiple simultaneous viewers

Scanning Stage - Tiling

"Stitching" together of a sequantial series of contiguous images in the binary

                                       Sequential mosaic of scanned area


Automatic vs. Semi-Automatic Image Analysis

  • Demands of fully automated analysis

    • Good contrast between features of interest and background
    • Consistent morphology (e.g., good metallographer)Report generation or Excel data reduction
    • Semi-automated analysis has some level of manual interaction
  • May include many automated steps