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Automated High-Volume Analysis For In-Vitro Diagnostics

Simagis Live delivers Automated Virtual Microscopy technology for Biomedical Enterprise of any size. It automates analysis and sharing of large volumes of imaging data for repeatable, routine In-vitro Diagnostics (IVD) tests and has the power to transform  imaging diagnostics with walk-away automation and web-based collaborative work process.

Simagis Live technology automates high volume screening for routine IVD tests that require microscopic evaluation, such as tuberculosis, water and food-borne pathogens, routine pathology tests like "Pap smears" and other common high volume IVD tests. The technology involves rapid automated imaging of the entire microscopy sample slide (Whole Slide Imaging) using a regular commercial microscope, and high-performance analysis of "digital slide" using our proprietary mathematical methods for advanced image analysis.

Using our SIMAGIS® Live Server, users can rapidly acquire, analyze and share a very large number of images in one automated sequence. Our applications can automatically scan full microscope specimen slides, send images to High Performance Server, analyze and publish results for review on a secure web server in a matter of minutes.

SIMAGIS® Live server employs High Performance Computing to handle image arrays of unlimited sizes. Users can review, edit and share results with authorized users via web-based "virtual microscope" interface. As a result, large volumes of images can be analyzed up to 10 times faster with greater accuracy, and experts can review results from anywhere in the world for millions of patients.

Technology can be deployed as SaaS (Software as a Service). Primary applications of technology include microbiology and digital pathology.

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Virtual Lab Process

"Final Analysis" is an independent in-vitro diagnostics company specializing in Tissue Pathology, Cytology and Microbiology. The company differentiates itself from larger players by keeping costs low and providing fast, high-quality service. Increasing demand for in-vitro diagnostics services spurred company growth, and "Final Analysis" recently opened several new locations. To keep the cost under control, "Final Analysis" is concentrating expensive imaging equipment in one location and maximizing its utilization using "hub and spoke" business model. Withing this model, labs prepare the samples and mail them for imaging. As "Final Analysis" struggles to find a sufficient number of skilled experts in one location to meet its growing volume of image analysis, it is looking to outsource its image analysis to Indonesia, where skilled resources are available around the clock.

"Final Analysis" is using hosted Simagis Live Server to enable virtual lab process across organization. With Simagis Live's hosted, "Final Analysis" doesn't have to worry about software, hardware or networking. "Final Analysis" uses Prior PL-200 Slide Loader attached to the central location microscope in order to scan slides non-stop, around the clock. As slides are scanned, Upload Utility streams them to the Simagis Live Server for images to be assembled into virtual slides. Simagis LIve also runs automated image analysis protocol to find objects of interest. Once analysis is complete, offshore experts review virtual slides using on-line annotation tools to qualify results of automated analysis. Results and images are also immediately available to ordering labs so they can provide fast turnaround service, and to U.S. experts who conduct random quality reviews of work done by the offshore team.

As a result, expensive imaging equipment is utilized around the clock. Images are available to experts around the globe, and because slides are already analyzed expert time is much more productive while risk of human error is minimized. "Final Analysis" plans to continue its pattern of successful growth utilizing cloud computing and web applications, and is currently considering acquisition of larger rivals.