SIMAGIS Line/Space Analysis

SIMAGIS Semi provides CD-SEM image analysis that you can't get from your CD-SEM manufacturer.  With custom algorithms and unconstrained analysis approaches, SIMAGIS Semi applications give you the information you need from CD-SEM images, but can't get any other way.  From locating the contour where your eye sees it, to double patterning data deconvolution, SIMAGIS Semi provides the right data, and more of it, than any other source.  For OPC validation, double patterning data deconvolution and for better lithography and etch process feedback across the board.  SIMAGIS Semi is also built for standardized, off-line analysis of top-down CD-SEM images and supports all major CD-SEM makes and models.  

Do you need metrology information on every line of your double patterning process? SIMAGIS SEMI is the easiest tool to use, providing more detailed information. You get data from every edge, every line, and every space, to analyze and compare patterning performance.  SIMAGIS Semi completely online, so you can access information from anywhere, any time. Simply upload the image and press "Go".  Easy!  If you're struggling to understand the patterning performance of each pattern of a double patterning process, or simply want to know the LER from each individual line, we can help. Analyze every line and output all of the data for every line and space separately in Excel for further group statistic analysis. Watch the video.


Images from all CD-SEM manufacturers are supported

  • TIFF images, for best accuracy
  • JPEG images

  Image Processing:

  • Industry Standard edge detection algorithms (Maximum Derivative, Sigmoidal)
  • Polylinear, an algorithm developed to find the contour where your eye sees it
  • Custom algorithms on request


  • CD
  • LER
  • LWR
  • Contours (GDSII)
  • Excel file with all measurements of all features
  • Measurement database (Commercial Accounts)

Use the Simagis Live Web Application at no charge for non-commercial purposes. See details and sign up