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Semiconductor Applications

The suite of tools for Semiconductor Image Analysis are all designed to provide more information from IC images for semiconductor RET/OPC, process, device and integration engineers. Semiconductor Solutions include: Simagis SEMI, ChipInsight, ChipReverse, and HDDInsight.

SIMAGIS Line/Space Analysis

SIMAGIS Semi provides CD-SEM image analysis that you can't get from your CD-SEM manufacturer. With custom algorithms and unconstrained analysis approaches SIMAGIS Semi applications provide the information you need from your CD-SEM images, but can't get any other way. Watch the video.


ChipInsight enables better, faster OPC model building with perhaps the first -ever truly reliable 2D Contours.  Reliable 2D contours enabled by proprietary algorithms are the key to producing better OPC models, while dramatically reducing CD-SEM time and manual data entry.  2D wafer print contours are also the best reference for validation, not flawed models, since "all models are wrong, but some are useful."  Using wafer prints, 2D validation yields guaranteed hotspot detection and correction with confidence. Watch the video


Using images from de-processed die, ChipReverse finds the contours for one or more layers, for even the most advanced technology, and outputs them in a format that is useful for design teams immediately.

HDD Insight

For the first time, a tool for HDD manufacturers, HDDInsight, quantifies RLT process variation using Mercator view images from KT's Candela tools.

Product Video - Linewidth Analysis Product Video - Linewidth Analysis

Product Video - ChipInsight Product Video - ChipInsight