On-line Sharing

Simagis Live allows users to easily share images of any size online with a single mouse click. Begin by clicking on the "Share Project" button to create a unique URL link to your digital slide. You can share the link in email or IM, post it on a blog or embed it on a webpage. Colleagues will be able to navigate your images and review comments, but not edit them.

Simagis Live users can cancel a project at any time with just a click of the mouse.
Invite colleagues and viewers to annotate, add markers to an image, and leave comments.


Simagis Live provides users with an option to share a permanent link to a project that does not change and cannot be disabled. In order to view a project using Permalink, viewers will be provided with appropriate access rights and required to sign in. The Simagis Live Permalink option is very useful when several users are working on the same project.

Live Markers

Simagis Live allows users to place markers on the live image. Colleagues and visitors with authorized access can mark a spot or an area of a live image. Each marker appears in a project-specific list, which allows anybody with access to "jump" to a particular marker by clicking on a marker title.


Simagis Live allows you to attach files to your project, which can include measurement reports, procedures, instructions - any relevant files you decide to make available.