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Cloud Computing and Web Applications

Web-sharing, online collaboration and and automated analysis of digital images of any size.

Flexible Imaging

Simagis Live technology can supports server-side processing and analysis of multi-layered image arrays, and can handle analysis of multi-dimensional datasets. That means it can support a wide variety of imaging options including: single images; batches of images; multi-page images; mosaic images; stacks of image slices from a 3D image; multi-channel fluorescent images; time-lapsed images and just other images as needed. The Simagis Live technology can work with any imaging device capable of producing digital images. The client-side Upload Utility can be customized to control imaging devices, read metadata from specific formats, and send instructions to server for custom processing. Simagis Live has now added support for number of major Optical and Electron microscopes, and we continue to work with our clients to expand the list.

Scalable Processing

The Simagis Live server supports parallel processing of images and image arrays of unlimited sizes on as many CPU cores as are available, thanks to our proprietary image analysis libraries that can handle parallel analysis of distributed image arrays. The Simagis Live engine can handle multiple processing requests and distribute computation tasks across available CPUs. As result, an image's size and computational performance are only limited by storage capacity and number of available CPUs on the server. The Simagis Live system's architecture is compatible with Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform, so our technology can support highly scalable image analysis applications that can be deployed in-house or on the Cloud.

Turbo Upload

Simagis Live's Upload Utility is designed to optimize image streaming speed. It utilities all available CPU cores for parallel on-the-fly compression of imaging data, and sends multiple data streams to the server utilizing all available bandwidth not used by other applications. The server-side module receives, assembles, and publishes data streams real-time so users can see images and image arrays appear in On-line Viewer as data streams arrive to the server. Upload Utility can work in the background monitoring and utilizing available resources for image streaming; even if streaming is interrupted, it will continue from the same point the next time the upload utility is resumed. In addition to direct upload, Simagis Live supports cloud-based storage sync including Amazon S3 . Upload your data to the Cloud and the Simagis Live server will load and process it automatically as soon it becomes available.

Web Collaboration

Collaborate online instantly. The Simagis Live server features web-based interface. Users need only a web browser and account on the server to get started. No software to download, install and maintain. Users can manage their Workspaces from any computer, netbook or tablet, and share projects with a single mouse click. Share links via email or embed the live Image Viewer link in web pages. Several people can review, annotate and measure images simultaneously with live markers and notes, which become immediately visible to everyone.

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