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Digital Slide Management System

Simagis Live™ is cloud-based software for digital pathology. It enables sharing, collaboration and automated analysis of whole slide images via any web browser. Our technology combines the power of cloud computing and the convenience of web applications to enable digital pathology for labs of any size.

Slide Server

Our servers support most digital slide formats and can be easily integrated with various scanners for single-click slide upload for on-premises deployment, or with high performance cloud computing.

Web Applications

Analyze whole slide images on the Simagis Live image server from your web browser with a just few mouse clicks. Simply select analysis application from the App Store, apply template settings, adjust parameters with interactive visual preview, and let the server run whole slide analysis using the scalable power of the cloud.

Seamless Connection

Our clients use different scanners, microscopes and cameras, and they don't have time to navigate through technical intricacies to make it all work together. Simagis Live software integrates seamlessly with imaging hardware, making connections and handling images behind the scenes. Simagis Live supports digital slides from all major manufacturers, and provides integration modules for seamless drag-and-drop uploads straight from your desktop. With a single mouse click, the digital slide is uploaded to the user workspace via the cloud server automatically.

Universal Viewing

Networks of pathology labs do not conform to any single unified corporate IT policy. They use a variety of computers, operating systems and browsers, which means your image browser must work across all computers and tablets, operating systems and browsers as well – no exceptions. The Simagis Live web interface works with all the technology out there – Windows, Mac, iPad and android tablets – without exception. Nothing to download, install or update in order to view digital slides online. Simply log on to your browser and go!

Powerful Database

Integrated flexible Database module creates powerful knowledge base from you digital slide collection. Use flexible attributes, quick tags, comments and attachments for cases and slides to organize images and keep track of your data. Instant omni-search and selection functions deliver results in a split of a second whether you search fifty or five thousand images.

Super-fast Upload

Once you move your imaging server from the local network, uploading digital slides becomes a critical issue. Traditional remote upload methods like FTP or WebDav do not work well for large image files; they drop data packets and run slowly, adding unnecessary delays to completing the job. The Simagis Live special Turbo Upload Utility that can take your whole slide image or folder and move it to a remote server at a blazing speed of 1.5 GB/minute on a high-speed internet connection, all with just three mouse clicks, right from the web browser.

Simple Sharing

The sharing and collaboration process in general should be both easy and secure. Users should be able to easily separate shared and private images, and revoke access at any time. Simagis Live users can invite collaborators and share digital slides via Email or IM. With just a few clicks of the mouse, they can even embed an image in a web page for viewing. Just as easily, Simagis Live users can put limitations on shared files and collaborators. Several users can review and annotate images simultaneously with live markers, making notes immediately visible to all collaborators.

Customization and Integration

If you need a digital pathology platform to provide your clients with solutions and services, we offer customized solutions that make it easy to make it your own. Simagis Live server branding is thoroughly customizable; our business and OEM partners deliver solutions to end-users under their own label.