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Image Sharing for Business

An easy way to share, organize and measure images online for biomedical and technical applications.

Annotate, analyze and share images of any size on the web. Organize and manage your on-line image libraries. Collaborate across the Globe.

Connect seamlessly

Connect multiple imaging devices seamlessly and upload images at super-speed to your cloud workspace with Turbo Upload Desktop Utility. Just save images to designated Auto Upload folder and they will be delivered to your workspace automatically. 

Get organized

We make it easy to organize your images. Simagis Live slide management server can assemble images to jobs and cases automatically, together with supplementary documents. Additional images, notes and documents can be easily added with just a few clicks of your mouse

Stay productive

Images can be automatically routed to designated workspaces, assuring the right people see the right information. Flexible categories, labels and attributes help track images and create a powerful knowledge base from your image library. Instant omni search helps find answers quickly and provides ad-hoc consultations instantly.

Be precise

Get exact instant measurements with live markers. Just draw the area and get 10 exact measurements of your object including area, perimeter, length and thickness among others. Download all measurements to spreadsheet for analysis or copy them to report.

Find instantly

Keep all information at your fingertips with instant omni-search. Simply search any words included in names, comments or meta data and find all images that include this information instantly. You can narrow down your search results with tags and attributes.


Work from anywhere

The Simagis Live server features a web-based interface. Your web browser and online account are all you need to get started with Simagis Live web applications – no software to download, install or maintain. View slides and manage your workspace from any computer, netbook or tablet.

Share easily

With just a single click you get a unique, pre-signed URL link to your digital image and share it via Email or IM, or embedded in a web page. Without the need to install any software, your collaborators can review your images from any location using just a web browser and a PC, Mac, iPhone, android or tablet. With appropriate security rights, you can invite anyone to your web workspace via Email invitation (with registration instructions where necessary), allowing them to view, upload, annotate and analyze your images

Analyze Smartly

No matter what size business you operate, Simagis Live makes it possible to analyze vast amounts of imaging data using just a web browser, while running massive computations on powerful enterprise or cloud servers. Web applications and the App Store make it easy to find and apply image analysis protocols to your images. Simply find an example that looks familiar and copy it to your workspace. If you need to adjust application settings for individual images, our interactive preview makes this process simple and intuitive. See results immediately in the preview window as you change application settings.