Introduction to  Computer-based Image Image Analysis

This introduction guide provides overview of  automated image analysis


Digital raster images are multi-dimensional digital signal arrays of pixels with information presented by value of signal channels such as intensity (brightness), color or others depending on imaging modality. Fundamentally, computer-based images analysis is a part of computational signal processing field of discreet mathematics and it encompasses methods and techniques of numerical analysis.

Process, methods and techniques

There are numerous methods and techniques applicable to computer-based analysis of digital raster images that generally fall into the following parts of the process:

  • Feature Extraction
  • Feature Detection and Object Recognition
  • Characterization and Measurement 


Phase Analysis of  Die Cast Aluminum

     ED - primary

  gree n - voids

Gamma Prime Measurements

Original SEM grey level image

2mm 10.5kX


Binary Image - area fraction 32.7

Zone of influence between gamma prime phase


Gamma prime phase relative to zones





















Surface Roughness Measurement