Turbo Upload

Turbo Upload Utility can upload large volumes of imaging data from local PC image server much faster than simple browser upload. This software is using on-the-fly compression and persistent multi-streaming to maximize upload speed. It also provides convenient shortcuts for direct upload from Windows Desktop. 

NOTE: Turbo Upload Utility is available for Microsoft Windows only. 


You can download latest version of Upload Utility from your web workspace on image server.

Download current version and follow installation steps.


Adding Local Upload Connections

You can add direct connections for fast upload of imaging data from local PC to specific Workspace on the server.
Open Turbo Upload Utility and click Add Connection. Add Connection Form will Appear. Complete new connection information.

1. Login. Enter your server URL and login information. Select weather server is located on Local Network (LAN) or remote location. This selection will optimize utility settings for fast upload.

2. Select Workspace. After you login to server, the list of your available Workspaces will be shown in the list. Select the workspace to which you want to upload images with this connection

3. Select Upload Method. List of available upload types for selected workspace are shown. Select one that you want you want to use for this connection.

4. Connection Name. You can give your connection name that you like and choose if you want to have shortcut on your Desktop for single click upload. 


Uploading Images

Once you install Turbo Upload Utility you can upload imaging data to server in several ways.


From your web browser.


While in the web workspace, select upload type and start upload




From your local PC


  • Open Upload Utility , select Connection and click Start Upload
  • Use Desktop shortcut for single click upload
  • Use Context Menu (right mouse click) from Widows Explorer to upload selected image file